Spotlight – Jasper Tudor

Name: Jasper Tudor

Title/s: Earl of Pembroke / Duke of Bedford

Birth / Death: c. November 1431 – 21 December 1495

Spouse: Catherine Woodville c.1458-1497

Children: None

Parents: Owen Tudor c.1400-1461 & Catherine of Valois 1401-1437

Siblings: Edmund Earl of Richmond 1430-1456 / Edward ?-?

Noble Connections: Jasper Tudor was a half-brother to Henry VI, as a son of Catherine of Valois from her second marriage, as well as being uncle to Henry VII, and brother-in-law to Margaret Beaufort. His mother-in-law was Jacquetta of Luxembourg and his sister-in-law was Elizabeth Woodville.

Events of their Lifetime: Battle of Wakefield 1460, Accession of Edward IV 1461, Marriage of Edward IV and Elizabeth Woodville 1464, Readeption of Henry VI 1470, Death of Edward IV, accessions of Edward V and Richard III 1483, Battle of Bosworth Field and accession of Henry VII 1485.

Controversy: It has been suggested that Jasper Tudor and Margaret Beaufort (his sister-in-law) were in love with each other, and this concept is used in the likes of Philippa Gregory’s The Red Queen and The White Princess.

Works of Fiction:
Judith Arnopp, The Beaufort Bride (2015)
Philippa Gregory, The Red Queen (2010)
Tony Riches, Jasper (2016)

Portrayals on Screen:
Brian Badcoe, The Shadow of the Tower, 1972, 5 episodes
Rob Edwards, The Life of Henry the Fifth, 1979, directed by David Giles
Tom McKay, The White Queen, 2013, 8 episodes
Vincent Regan, The White Princess, 2017, 6 episodes

Further Reading:
Debra Bayani, Jasper Tudor: Godfather to the Tudor Dynasty (2015)
Terry Breverton, Jasper Tudor: Dynasty Maker (2015)
Joanna Hickson, First of the Tudors (2016)
Sara Elin Roberts, Jasper: the Tudor Kingmaker (2015)


Arms of Jasper Tudor



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