Guest Blog Post – Anne of Cleves

I have been busy writing over the last few weeks and today a post has been published over on The Lassicist blog, part of Women’s History Month.

I decided to write on someone who is often overlooked in Tudor history – Anne of Cleves. The rumour of her as a Flander’s Mare persists, but she was so much more.

Head over to the blog and have a look, along with the other posts in this series.

Anne of Cleves by Hans Holbein 1539
Anne of Cleves by Hans Holbein 1539

Changes to TudorBlogger

If you’re a frequent visitor to my blog, you may have noticed some changes over the last few days. I have added two tabs on the menu for ‘Tudors’ and ‘Wars of the Roses’.

Under these I have collated some of the information already on the blog, and will keep adding to it.

On the ‘People Profiles’ sections under Tudors and Wars of the Roses I have collated the ‘Spotlight’ posts which give you can overview of one key character from the period, including portraits, basic information and portrayals in fiction.

I have also added lists of ‘Further Reading’ for Tudors and Wars of the Roses if you want to know more about any of the people and events of the period.

I am also in the process of adding a list of historical fiction for each period, so look out for this over the next few days!