Elizabeth I Episode 2 Starring Lily Cole

Episode 2 – The Enemy Within, aired 16.05.2017

Elizabeth I c.1563 Hampden portrait by Steven van der Meulen
Elizabeth I c.1563 Hampden portrait by Steven van der Meulen

Aged 25 Elizabeth is queen but not safe

1559 Elizabeth crowned queen, but her path to power had been a long battle

She had survived but could never drop her guard

War was raging across Europe as Catholics and Protestants tore each other apart – Elizabeth was plunged into the middle of the battle

Elizabeth most powerful protestant monarch surrounded by catholic enemies


Privy council believed Elizabeth needed to marry

Elizabeth declared she was already married to England – sounded great, but just words

Queen had a good reason for not wanting to wed – would reduce her power, wanted to be a real queen not queen in name only

Understandable but left a huge problem – who would rule if she suddenly died?

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Documentary Notes – ‘Henry and Anne: the Lovers Who Changed History’, Part 1

Suzannah Lipscomb, historian.
Suzannah Lipscomb, historian.

Hever Castle “vale between past and present has become thin”
Book of Hours – treasured possession, importance of faith – wrote in it “le temps viendra je Anne Boleyn” (the time will come I Anne Boleyn) Christ raised above the Earth, day of judgement? Destined for greatness?
Henry VIII – handsome sportsman, well-loved, kind, charismatic
Erasmus “gentle friendship”
Henry tormented by his lack of a male heir
February 18 1516 – Mary I born – women not fit to rule
Henry’s relationship with God, lack of a male heir judgement from God? Married his brother’s widow Leviticus 18:16 20:21 childless means no sons
Anne brought up in Netherlands and France – huge influence, educated, art of love?
Chateau de Blois lady-in-waiting to Queen Claude, fashionable, great architecture, arts, Renaissance, Leonardo da Vinci, intellectualism, piety
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